Loft or Attic Extensions & Conversions

Your first question has to be
"Can my loft be converted"?

Loft or Attic Conversion Stanford, Grantham, Bourne Lincoln Lincolnshire
Loft or Attic Conversion Waddington, Grantham Lincolnshire
Loft or Attic Conversion Stanford, Bourne Lincolnshire

"The easy answer is to just call BK Build Ltd and ask the question"

Can my loft be converted?
Before you do anything else, you need to work out whether your loft space is suitable for a conversion. Call Nigel of BK build and just ask for advice.

The Type of conversion. There are four main types of loft conversion a roof light, dormer, a hip-to-gable, a mansard and modula conversion . The one you choose is likely to be determined by a number of factors, including the type and age of house you live in, and of course your budget.

Roof light conversions:
Roof light conversions are by far the cheapest and least disruptive option, as you won't have to make any changes to the shape or pitch of the roof. Instead, it's simply a case of adding in skylight windows, laying down a proper floor, and adding a staircase to make the room habitable. However, you'll need to have enough roof space already without having an extension for this type of conversion.

Dormer conversions:
A dormer loft conversion is an extension that protrudes from the slope of the roof. Dormers, in particular flat-roof dormers, are the most popular type of conversion. They are suitable for pretty much any house with a sloping roof.  Dormer conversions are less expensive than mansard or hip-to-gable conversions but will still add a good deal of extra headroom and floor space. Hip-to-gable conversions

Hip-to-gable conversions:
These will work by extending the sloping 'hip' roof at the side of your property outwards to create a vertical 'gable' wall, creating more internal loft space. This type of conversion will only work on detached or semi-detached houses, as it requires a free sloping side roof.  If you have a detached house with sloping roofs on either side, you can build on both of these to create an even more spacious double hip-to-gable extension. 

Mansard conversions:
Mansard extensions run along the whole length of your house's roof and will alter the angle of the roof slope, making it almost vertical. These tend to be the most expensive type of conversion but will result in a significant amount of extra space.  Mansard conversions are suitable for most property types, including terraced, semi-detached, and detached houses.  

A modular loft:

This is a type of prefabricated loft conversion that is built off-site. The loft structure is built in a factory in different sections known as modules. ... Modular loft conversions require the entire existing roof of a property to be removed so that the new pre-built structure can then be lifted into place.

Loft or Attic Conversion Stanford, Grantham, Bourne Lincoln Lincolnshire
Loft Conversion Grantham
Loft Conversion Lincoln
Loft Conversion Bourne Lincolnshire
Loft Conversion Boston

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Loft Conversion Stanford Lincolnshire

How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost?

Loft conversion costs vary hugely depending on several factors, including the type of loft conversion you are carrying out, your location, what you plan on using the loft for and your existing roof structure. 

Costs will also be affected by how much of the work you are willing to take on yourself and whether you choose to hire an architect or other design professional to come up with a design. My best advice would be to call BK Build Ltd and talk to me (Nigel) and we can discuss your requirements over a cup of tea and talk about budget planning..